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Clinical Psychologist    

The term “psychologist” refers to professionals with a minimum of 4 years of academic training and 2 years of supervised practice. They are often referred to as “Registered Psychologist” or “Generalist Psychologist”.

Clinical Psychologists are specialists in the assessment and evidence-based treatment of a wide range of mental health issues and disorders. Their training entails a minimum of 6 years of academic training and two years internship.

Bachelors Degree

4 Years Bachelors degree

Honours Degree

1 Year (4th of Bachelors)

Honours Degree is a one-year intensive research thesis and is graded on a class system 1st, 2a, 2b and 3.

1st Class grade is the usual requirement for entry into Clinic Psychology Masters.

Masters Degree

2 years

A Master of Psychology (Clinic) is an advanced 2-year degree with a highly competitive entry requirement.

MPsych training involves Psychological Diagnosis, Assessment, Treatment as well as 3 internships at various Hospitals and other facilities.

Doctoral Degree

3 to 5 years

A PhD is optional and is the highest degree offered by University.

Completion can take up to 9 years.