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Referral by a medical practitioner:

Under the current Medicare Benefits Scheme, all clinical psychologists are endorsed by Medicare Australia to provide treatment for mental health issues. Clinical psychologists are specialists in the assessment and treatment of of mental disorders; John is a clinical psychologist registered with Medicare Australia to provide clinical psychology services.


In order to access Medicare Benefits, you can make an appointment with your medical practitioner (GP or psychiatrist) with regard to your psychological issue. The medical practitioner would have to make an assessment that you need the services of a clinical psychologist and set up a Mental Health Care Plan.  Under Medicare, all psychology Medicare services are limited to a maximum of 10 individual sessions per client per calendar year, with a review by the referring doctor required after the initial six sessions. 

The following are the specific steps to take in order for the practice to bulk bill:

  • make an appointment with your GP or psychiatrist.
  • inform them that you would like to see them about a psychological issue and that it could (if determined by the medical practitioner)  entail being placed on a Mental Health Care Plan. This is important as the medical practitioner would have to book you in for a longer session with them in order to draw up the plan.
  • provide the medical practioner with our practice details.
  • make an appointment with our practice by landline during reception hours of between 9.30am-5pm (Mon-Fri).
  • bring a copy of the plan and/or a referral letter stating that you have been placed on a Mental Health Care Plan to our practice. Most importantly, bring along your Medicare Card.



Clients can also self-refer to the practice. In this instance, the practice would not be able to bulk bill. Part of the fees charged could be claimed from participating Health Funds.